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Hello! I am Arisza a highly skilled and experienced professional in the field of mental health and financial management. I am currently licensed as a clinical social worker in the states of Virginia and Texas, as well as certified in financial social work. My extensive background in mental health and leadership has allowed me to serve in director level positions, managing over $5 million in revenue annually.

As a practicing clinician and clinical supervisor, I have the experience and expertise to guide others in their mental health journeys. Additionally, as a coach, I help people turn their dreams into reality in the field of mental health. For over a decade, I have helped to develop leaders and small business entrepreneurs in the mental health field, and it is my passion and mission to help others reach financial freedom and live their own dreams.

How to Grow Your Private Practice in 8 weeks or less Even If You Don't Know Where To Start

I've made a free 15-minute video where I'm teaching mental health professionals exactly what they need to do to start their own private practice where they can make a bigger impact in more people lives while making more more, while having the time, energy and freedom they

Do you already own your private practice and are looking to grow it?

Are you a mental health professional with an existing private practice, but seeking ways to take it to new heights? Imagine expanding your client roster, making a greater impact in the lives of more people, and achieving the financial and personal freedom you truly deserve.

I invite you to sign up for a complimentary evaluation of your business and book a free consultation session. I will analyze your current practice and provide tailored strategies to unlock its full potential. With my extensive knowledge and experience, you'll gain valuable insights on how to propel your practice to new levels of success.

Don't settle for mediocrity when you can amplify your impact. Join me for a free evaluation and consultation, and let me guide you towards unprecedented growth and fulfillment in your private practice.

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